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Flex Development

QuoteWe create expressive and cross platform rich internet applications through highly productive and powerful Flex technology Quote

Flex Development

flex Flex is a part of Adobe AIR applications, an application which revolutionized the complexities of presentation and functionality. Flex application serves as the presentation tier which uses server side technologies like PHP, ASP.Net. It provides many useful ways to send / load data to and from server side components without reloading. Flex is a client side technology that is rendered by flash player. It has enabled content caching.

Why Flex?

  • Rich user experience. In-context interactivity due to video, audio, streaming and messaging components.
  • No reloading and refreshing
  • Efficient Reusable Components
  • Cross-platform accessible applications
  • Open source, standard-based framework. It can be integrated in front end for joomla,drupla, zen cart, x-cart etc.
  • Increased developer productivity
  • Highly scalable